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Women Empowerment Caroline Macharia January 30, 2024
Women Empowerment

Nareto Community Conservancy envisions a future where women are empowered to realize their full potential. Through various initiatives encompassing education, economic opportunities through cultural Manyattas activities, and leadership where the two-third gender rule is incorporated in the Conservancy’s management board,development programs like in Nashipa Ramat Women Group, the conservancy is dedicated to fostering an environment where women can thrive and take active roles in shaping their communities.

The world needs strong women
Our Approach
Education and Awareness

We work with schools, communities, and media to challenge stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes. Including implementation of educational programs to raise awareness about the different forms of GBV and promote gender equality.

Community Engagement

Involving community leaders, influencers, and grassroots organizations in anti-GBV initiatives. Promote community-based interventions and dialogue to address root causes.

Support Services

We have established and strengthened support services, including shelters, counselling, and legal aid for survivors. Ensure services are accessible, culturally sensitive, and tailored to diverse needs.

Healthcare Initiatives

We invite trained healthcare professionals to recognize and respond to signs of GBV. Provide comprehensive healthcare services for survivors, including mental health support.

7 years we have been tackling FGM ,GBV & DV
Addressing GBV, FGM, and DV requires a multi-pronged approach that involves legal, cultural, educational, and social strategies. Collaborative efforts among governments, NGOs, communities, and individuals are essential to create lasting change.
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