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Tackling GBV Caroline Macharia January 16, 2024
Tackling GBV

The conservancy is deeply committed to eradicating Gender-Based Violence (GBV), including efforts to eliminate practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and address issues related to Domestic Violence (DV) through community-based interventions. Efforts have been made to raise awareness about the negative effects and encourage abandonment of the practice.

Gender-Based Violence (GBV)
Our Approach
Education and Awareness

We work with schools, communities, and media to challenge stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes. Including implementation of educational programs to raise awareness about the different forms of GBV and promote gender equality.

Community Engagement

Involving community leaders, influencers, and grassroots organizations in anti-GBV initiatives. Promote community-based interventions and dialogue to address root causes.

Support Services

We have established and strengthened support services, including shelters, counselling, and legal aid for survivors. Ensure services are accessible, culturally sensitive, and tailored to diverse needs.

Healthcare Initiatives

We invite trained healthcare professionals to recognize and respond to signs of GBV. Provide comprehensive healthcare services for survivors, including mental health support.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Our Approach
Community Education

We conduct community-based education programs to dispel myths and misconceptions about FGM. Emphasize the health risks and human rights implications associated with FGM.

Legal Measures

We support in strengthening legal frameworks against FGM and ensure that laws are enforced. Collaborating with legal authorities to prosecute those involved in perpetrating or facilitating FGM.

Youth and Peer Education

We conduct educational programs targeting young people to change attitudes and break the cycle of FGM. Engage with peer educators and youth advocates to influence social norms.

Cultural Sensitivity

Engaging with community leaders, elders, and religious figures to promote dialogue and understanding. Encouraging the abandonment of harmful traditional practices.

Domestic Violence (DV)
Our Approach
Counselling and Rehabilitation

By offering counselling services for both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. Support rehabilitation programs to address the root causes of violent behavior.

Legal Measures

We support in strengthening and enforcing laws against domestic violence. Provide legal protection and support for victims, including restraining orders and legal aid.

Economic Empowerment

We support and train the community in different activities they do addressing economic factors can contribute to reducing vulnerability to DV. Including introducing them to different opportunities.

Children and Youth Programs

We run educational programs for children and youth to break the cycle of violence and promote healthy relationships. Address the impact of DV on children and provide support services.

7 years we have been tackling FGM ,GBV & DV
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