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Wildlife Caroline Macharia January 21, 2024
Wildlife Conservation

Nareto Community Conservancy stands as a guardian of the region’s diverse wildlife, including iconic species such as elephants, zebra’s, giraffes, gazelles warthogs etc. Through guided conservation efforts, the conservancy is dedicated to safeguarding the natural habitat, fostering sustainable ecosystems, and promoting harmonious coexistence between wildlife and local community. Through;

Wildlife conservation is our shared responsibility
Our Approach
Vigilant Anti-poaching Efforts

We enhance the implemented strict anti-poaching laws and patrols in vulnerable areas to help prevent illegal hunting and the trade of wildlife products.

Sustainable Land Management

Habitat restoration we create a sanctuary where elephants, lions, giraffes, and countless other species can thrive.

Collaborative Efforts

Both local and international conservation organizations to address wildlife challenges. These partnerships bring together diverse perspectives, resources, and expertise to achieve more effective and sustainable conservation outcomes.

Community Involvement

We encourage biodiversity conservation with communities living on land essential to wildlife, such as wildlife corridors and dispersal lands outside parks and reserves. They participate in and support conservation initiatives.

Public Awareness and Education

We foster understanding, support, and responsible behaviour among communities through workshops, seminars, and community events to discuss about wildlife conservation. These events provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and concerns.

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue

We establish and support wildlife rehabilitation centers to help in caring for injured, orphaned, or confiscated animals. These centers often work towards releasing rehabilitated animals back into the wild.

7 years we have created awareness on wildlife conservation

Combination of strategies, wildlife conservation organizations, governments, and communities build a strong foundation for public awareness and education, promoting a shared commitment to the protection of biodiversity and the natural world.

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