Nareto Conservancy

About Us Caroline Macharia January 10, 2024

Nareto Conservancy Limited started 10 years ago out of a desire to design and build amazing things. It’s a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature, culture, and community. Nestled within the breath taking landscapes of Laikipia North, Kenya, our conservancy is a sanctuary where the legacy of the wild and the traditions of the indigenous Masai community intertwine in a delicate dance of conservation and culture. Nareto Conservation Area is an example of how conservation, environmental development and society can cooperate without conflict. alone. By taking a positive approach to conservation, Nareto has achieved great success in protecting the natural world while improving the lives of people in this region. In a world where human needs collide with wildlife conservation, the Nareto Reserve is a constant challenge but a bright beacon of hope. This shows us that with the right vision and collaboration, we can create harmony between wildlife and people while ensuring the long term health of the planet. 

Our Mission

To aspire to be a conservancy where communities are enriched by being connected to natural resources and wildlife.

Our Vision

To Protect and preserve the rich biodiversity of Laikipia through innovative conservation practises, sustainable environmental initiative and inclusive community engagement.

Our Goals

  1. Increase and protect endangered species.
  2. Curb establishment of endangered species.
  3. Uplifting living standard of the communities.
  4. Proactive measures to conserve and restore land and water.

Our Team